Belize Butterflies

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Thu Oct 22 16:06:27 EDT 1998

Hi John,

Thanks for the new thread!  I have stopped reading the common vs scientific
name thread.  I have a question for you (and others interested in the topic).

I spent two weeks in Belize in July in an ecology workshop for teachers, one
week in the jungle, and one on a caye.  I was the only person on the trip
interested in butterflies, and had no resources for identifying what I saw, so
I came home with exactly three field identifications of species I know from
North America.  Very frustrating!  In birding, I did much better because I had
Howell & Webb's *Birds of Mexico and Central America*.

So here's my question:  Are there any resources (books, monographs, etc.) for
field identification of butterflies in Belize?  I hope to go again next summer
and would love to be able to record what I see.  (I won't be doing a
collection, just field identification and photography.)

Thanks for helping us move on.

Dennis Burnette
Greensboro, NC
burnetted at

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