ads for livestock

Charles V. Covell Jr. cvcove01 at
Tue Sep 15 09:22:08 EDT 1998

Here are my thoughts regarding ads for sales:  I think there should be
an e-mail site for ads of livestock.  I get various inquiries about
sources from people writing the Lepid. Soc. at my address, and I
sometimes want to buy moths in cocoons for my students.  If there are
not too many such ads, or replications by sellers, I do not object to
leps-l being that place for now.  Exchange notices should also be
acceptable until volume gets too high.  Ads for books, storage
equipment, etc. should not be precluded either.  Specimens?  Dare I give
an opinion on this?  OK.  I personally have no problem as long as CITES
and other laws are not broken (caveat emptor, of course).  Now all this
adds up to a lot of messages, and those dedicated only to discussion,
questions and answers, etc., will probably be annoyed.  So a separate
listserv might be the answer for the "buy-sell-trade" purpose.

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