Re I'm in trouble

mark jackson strat7 at
Tue Sep 15 14:35:58 EDT 1998

Hi,   What is up. Every list on the web is acting like
a dictatorship, you can't do this or that! I got on to
these list to learn and find other people that have
similar likes and dislikes. Leps, this does refer to
butterfly's right? And if i have no place to buy them
how can i study them?  I have found that the small group of people
raising and selling stock know more about the subject
than the so called experts. And If you don't vote it does
not count so now so it is 11 to 3, so send  your votes to the list
if you want to be heard!                  Good Health,  mark j.

Doug Yanega wrote:

> >A.P.K.Torry wrote:
> >
> >> Well that reads 10 who are either IN FAVOUR or DONT MIND and only 3
> >>against!!!!
> >>
> >> Time we voted for a change in the charter or started the procedure to
> >> establish a new list, perhaps Roger you can help us with this.
> I had intended not to contribute to this thread, but following Roger's
> comments; (1) 13 is a far sight short of a quorum - if you're really
> insistent on tallying votes, I'm against commercial advertisements, too -
> and maybe you wouldn't object to receiving private e-mail votes from all
> the other subscribers who have not chosen to post publicly? (2) an anti-ads
> clause is already in the charter for a REASON (3) we don't need to
> establish any new lists, as there ARE already other places to advertise.
> This could be dealt with fairly effectively by changing the default
> "Welcome to Leps-L" message so that it includes a copy of the charter, and
> adding a postscript about where one can post ads for livestock. Simple
> enough. Is the listowner reading this? (That would facilitate things,
> too...)
> Peace,
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>         is the true method" - Herman Melville, Moby Dick, Chap. 82

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