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Roger C. KENDRICK kendrick at hkusua.hku.hk
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Semjase wrote:

> >How about this as a fair compromise: A post discussing how to keep or
> >breed a species is certainly well within the charter guidelines. [ I
> >would love to learn a bit about keeping Saturnids from some of the
> >many 'experts' out there]. If that post were _also_ to include a
> >request for something else or an advert that the author had some spare
> >to swap then - fine. That way a) the charter is adhered to b) we can
> >all learn something and c) the author gets a chance to advertise his
> >spare livestock.
> >
> >What I think is (slightly) objectionable is people just posting
> >one-liners advertising spare livestock or deadstock with no intention
> >of contributing anything to group discussion.
> >
> >Chris R.


> You Bring up an important point.   Neither of the people responsible for the
> fire storm have spoken for themselves.

S. , this is my fourth contribution to this topic - please check out all the
contributions before making statements such as this!

> I do know that Barrie does not answer e-mails and if posting to a group with an
> ad one would expect taking responsibility for answering the mail & question it
> generates.   In other words to be giving instead of just taking.


> Perhaps though if we do all pull out and this group collapses it would be for
> the best since amateur entomologists & lepidopterists are not welcome here.
> That is plain enough to see.

I never said that; I only said that the charter didn't allow commercial
advertising, and that's how I'd like to keep it as there are other sites available
for this purpose.

> Not like the Astronomers at all.

Lucky them!

> S.

 Here's one possibility not mentioned yet.

SBEL is supposed to be a dedicated science newsgroup. Most scientists have access
to newsgroup (i.e. news:xxxxx) boards (please correct me if this assumption is
wrong). Most other leps people want one board (LEPS-L) for everything. If the
gating between these two groups were stopped, then all the science stuff goes via
SBEL (using its existing charter) and anything else via LEPS-L (using an amended
charter to cater for the current advertising), could a merry compromise be reached?
(are the Yale guys reading these discussions, and if so how easy is this to


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