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Chris Raper triocomp at dial.pipex.com
Thu Sep 17 05:02:03 EDT 1998

On 16 Sep 1998 23:19:20 -0700, kendrick at hkusua.hku.hk (Roger C.
KENDRICK) wrote:

Hi Roger,

>SBEL is supposed to be a dedicated science newsgroup. Most scientists have access
>to newsgroup (i.e. news:xxxxx) boards (please correct me if this assumption is
>wrong). Most other leps people want one board (LEPS-L) for everything. If the
>gating between these two groups were stopped, then all the science stuff goes via
>SBEL (using its existing charter) and anything else via LEPS-L (using an amended
>charter to cater for the current advertising), could a merry compromise be reached?
>(are the Yale guys reading these discussions, and if so how easy is this to

Well, personally, I would like things to remain the same. Perhaps it
might be worth investigating how to set up a 'rec.lepidoptera' group
from those who think SBEL is too 'professional' but, to be honest, I
think the whole discussion is getting a little out of hand.

SBEL is a great group - as it stands. You get a nice mixture of
amatuers and professionals sharing their knowledge - both on
scientific and conservation matters. Adverts are sometimes a pain in
the rear-end but, at their current level, they are no more than a
slight nuisance. 

A while back someone suggested that all subscribers be sent a copy of
the charter when they first join - I think that is a good idea.
Another might be to regularly post (every other week?) a
mini-charter/FAQ to the group which just outlines what the group is
about and directing people to other listservers or web pages of
interest, should they want to post adverts. 

Best wishes,
Chris R.

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