A strange sight

Dale Clark nardoz at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 20 18:48:56 EDT 1998

So nice to see that even after 30+ years of leppin' that something new
can be seen right in my own backyard.  This morning I went out and
checked one of my walk-in flight cages which houses, at the moment, a
number of Monarchs (Danaus plexippus) and Queens (Danaus gilippus).  To
my surprise I saw a male Monarch mating with a female Queen.  This was
not just an "attempt" but a successful coupling.  In fact, they are
still mating now, some five hours later.  I don't recall having read
anything about this before and would appreciate some feedback from
anyone who might point me in the appropriate direction of finding
literature on the subject.

Dale Clark
Dallas, Texas

email: Nardoz at earthlink.net

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