A strange sight

Semjase semjase at aol.com
Mon Sep 21 21:07:03 EDT 1998

>Subject: A strange sight
>From: nardoz at earthlink.net (Dale Clark)
>Date: 9/20/98 4:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time
>Message-id: <36058658.3E4C at earthlink.net>
>So nice to see that even after 30+ years of leppin' that something new
>can be seen right in my own backyard.  This morning I went out and
>checked one of my walk-in flight cages which houses, at the moment, a
>number of Monarchs (Danaus plexippus) and Queens (Danaus gilippus).  To
>my surprise I saw a male Monarch mating with a female Queen.  This was
>not just an "attempt" but a successful coupling.  In fact, they are
>still mating now, some five hours later.  I don't recall having read
>anything about this before and would appreciate some feedback from
>anyone who might point me in the appropriate direction of finding
>literature on the subject.
>Dale Clark
>Dallas, Texas
>email: Nardoz at earthlink.net
Please let us know the end result?


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