DR. JAMES ADAMS jadams at
Mon Sep 21 11:43:46 EDT 1998

Dear listers,

            Before we get too bogged down in the collecting debate,  
might I remind you that this 13 year old was asking how to best kill 
butterflies, not how to torture them.  I guarantee you that the vast 
majority of 13 year olds already know many ways to kill bugs of all sorts, 
and may have practiced such during their childhoods on numerous poor 
bugs.  It sounds to me that this kid is at least marginally interested in the 
scientific value of the specimen.  Even "stamp collections" of 
butterflies, if data is kept with the specimens, can be of value.  
Perhaps we need to remind the 13 year old of this -- that you need to 
be sure and keep data with the specimen.

          (Thanks, Anne, for your inspiration.)


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