Roost preference

Liz Day lday at
Mon Sep 21 20:50:29 EDT 1998

> > As we have seen, however, Anne, Doug and Liz and many others of the
> > lepidoptera conservation establishment  don't want eucalyptus planted in
> > Pacific Grove, California under any circumstances to revitalize and
> > maintain the monarch habitat.  All other options have been considered
> > and discarded by city planners, foresters and monarch biologists.

I picture the foresters and/or monarch biologists suggesting various
native trees, and the city planners nixing each one as either too
expensive, too slow-growing, too unattractive, too short-lived, or too
hard to obtain. 

I picture this because that's what happens out here.  Bah.

I know the coastal area there is a mess with the iceplant and whatever
else... but there isn't anything else that the monarchs can use
besides eucalyptus?

Liz Day

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