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> >Thanks Hank for posting the info!   It was a very special treat to have
> >Jim Brock leading us, an opportunity that highly recommend to everyone
> >(check tours:  Butterfly thru Binoculars, Wings & Texas late Oct. BF
> >Festival post-trip).   He knew exact spots for finding the Mexican
> >butterflies from his vast knowledge of habitat, flight periods,
> >caterpillars and their foodplants.   His enthusiasm and gracious sharing
> >of knowledge set the tone for a delightful trip that all participants
> >thoroughly enjoyed!
> >                                                Wanda Dameron, Los Angeles
> >                                                LANABA & SEABA (S.E. Az.)
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> Dear Wanda,
> Howdy.
> Will we get parts II and III of the list?
> Best,
> Robert A. Behrstock
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Dear Bob, other Leppers:

Below is remainder of report.  Also how to keep up on what's happening
Lep-wise in this part of the world, should anyone be so inclined....
						Cheers, Wanda

SoWest Lep covers the region(s) of Southern California, Southern Nevada,
Arizona, New Mexico U.S.A., and Baja California, & Sonora, Mexico.

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This is Part 2:

Western Pygmy Blue (Brephidium exilis) few (K)
Spring Azure (Celastrina ladon cinerea) several (M)
Un-named Tailed Blue (M)
Ceraunus Blue (Hemiargus ceraunus) widespread except on the coast
Reakirt's Blue (H. isola alce) widespread except on the coast
Marine Blue (Leptotes marina) widespread
Tiny Metalmark (Adelotypa eudocia) 1 (Y)
Hepburn's Metalmark (Apodemia hepburni)few (Y,S)
Hypoglaucous Metalmark (A. hypoglauca) 1 (S)
Palmer's Metalmark (A. palmeri)few (W)
Arizona Metalmark (Calephalis arizonensis)  several (P,W,Y)
Fatal Metalmark (C. nemesis) 1 (S)
Poeas Metalmark (Emisis poeas) 2 (T)
Zela Metalmark (E. zela) 1 (M)
California Sister (Adelpha bredowii) 2 (M,S)
Red-spotted Purple (Limenitis arthemis arizonensis) 1 (M)
Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) several pupae on motel in Yecora
Blackened Bluewing (Myscelia cyanthe skinneri) many except on coast
Black-patched Cracker (Hamadryas atlantis) 1(M)
Gray Cracker (H. februa) 1 (Y)
Tiny Checkerspot (Dymasia dymas) widespread except on the coast
Elada Checkerspot (Texola elada) nat as common as above
Hepburn's Checkerspot (T. hepburni) 2 (S,M)
Theona Checkerspot (Thessalia theona brocki) common except at coast
Montane Crescent (Anthanassa cortes) 2 (Y,M)
Texas Crescent (A. texana) few (Y)
Empress Leilia (Asterocampa leilia) 1 (W)
Variegated Fritillary (Euptoieta caludia) very common except at coast
Mexican Fritillary (E. hegesia) 1 or 2 (Y)
Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) 2 (Y,M)
American Lady (V. virginiensis) 2(Y,S)
Tropical Leafwing (Anaea aidea) Thousands - everywhere but at the coast
Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) 1 (K)
Monarch (Danaus plexippus) 1 (M)
Queen (D. gilippus) very common everywhere except the coast
Soldier (D. eresimus) 1 (S)
Red-spotted Patch (Chlosyne marina) 2 (T,W)
Bordered Patch (C. lacinia) a few seen everywhere but the coast
Rosita Patch (C. rosita) hundreds of thousands - not on coast
Elf (Microtia elva) very common - not on coast
White Peacock (Anartia jatrophae) singles seen (P,Y)
Tropical Buckeye (Junonia genoveva) a few seen at most stops- not coast
Red-faced Satyr (Gyrocheilus rubrofasciata) several (M)
American Snout (Libytheana carinenta) common except coast
Dull Firetip (Pyrrhopyge araxes) 1 (M)
Acacia Skipper (Cogia hippalus) 1 (T)
Brown-banded Skipper (Timochares ruptifasciatus) 1 (W)
Wind's Skipper (Windia windi) 1(W)
Desert Cloudywing (Achalrus casica) Larva (T)
Northern Cloudywing (Thorybes pylades) a couple (M)
White-patched Duskywing (Chiomara georgina) 1 (P)
Funereal Duskywing (Erynnis funeralis) common everywhere
Zilpa Longtail (Chiodes zilpa) singles (Y,M)
White-striped Longtail (C. catillus 1 (T)
Dorantes Longtail (Urbanus dorantes) several seen - not on coast
Brown Longtail (U.procne) 1 (P)
Golden-headed Scallopwing (Staphylus ceos) 2 (Y,T)
Wind's Silverdrop (Epargyreus windi) a couple of flyby's (Y)
Common Sootywing (Pholisora cattullus) several - except on coast
Emorsa Spurwing (Antigonus emorsa) common except on coast
Dark Spurwing (A. funebris) 1 (W)
Golden Banded-Skipper (Autochton cellus) a couple (M)
White Checkered-Skipper (Pyrgus albescens) several (Y,S,M)
Desert Checkered-Skipper (P. philetas) 1 (W)
Arizona Skipper (Codatractus arizonensis) 1 (S)
Common Mottled-Skipper (C. melon) not uncommon.  Not on coast
Laviana White-Skipper (Heliopetes laviana) 1 (T)
Many-spotted Skipperling (Piruna aea mexicana) several (M)
Miller's Skipperling (P. millerorum) 1 (M)
Sina Skipperling (P. sina) 3 (M)
Tropical Least Skipper (Ancyloxpha arene) few (P)
Brazilian Skipper (Calpodes ethlius) 1 (S)
Orange Skipper (Copaeodes aurantiacus) few (K)
Southern Skipper (C. minimus) 1 (T)
Eufala Skipper (Lerodea eufala) several (K,P,W,Y)
Edward's Skipper (Oarisma edwardsii) 1 (S)
Wandering Skipper (Panoquina errans) a few (K)
Carus Skipper (Polites carus) singles (Y,M)
Nora's Skipper (P. norae) several (K)
Gala Mellana ("Mellana" gala) (Y)
Bronze Roadside-Skipper (Amblscirtes aenus) a couple (Y,M)
Prenda Roadside-Skipper (Amlyscirtes toteca prenda) common - except

Any errors are my own. Corrections welcomed!
A great group of people and a great leader.  Thanks, Jim!!

                     Hank & Priscilla Brodkin
                  Carr Canyon, Cochise County, AZ
             SouthEast Arizona Butterfly Association
                  Send Mailto:hankb at theriver.com

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