What was this in my garden?

Charles Henry charles.henry at virgin.net
Fri Aug 20 16:26:50 EDT 1999

Dear all,

This afternoon there was a huge caterpillar "galloping" across my sunken
patio which is full of potted fuchsias, begonias and azaleas, so as I'm no
lepidopterist I thought SKS might be able to let me know what it was:-

Length - over 7 cms.
Diametre - about 1 cm.
Colour - greyishy brown.
Marking - eye like markings on each of about 6 or 8 segments.
Peculiarities - mouth at the tip of a proboscis forward of the first pair of
eye markings.  The proboscis was withdrawn when the creature was touched.
There were two "horns" at the end of its body.

Sorry that this is not a very scientific or accurate description but it's
from memory as I dislike imprisoning any animal for very long and I freed it
at the top of my garden before I'd thought of looking for a WG to ask.

Thanks in advance for any help

Chas. in the UK on the sunny Isle of Wight

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