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Doug Yanega dyanega at pop.ucr.edu
Tue Aug 31 11:05:44 EDT 1999

>I've been trying to figure out the taxonomy of the order
>Lepidoptera; I'd like to get a whole picture of the order just to
>satisfy my curiosity. I'm a bit confused by the many different
>versions of classifications, etc and almost gone blind just
>reading them. I've come across the Comstock's, Hepper's version
>of classifications, etc.; I wonder which version do lepists
>follow in general? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for you

The classification considered the "standard" by the Zoological Record is at


However, LOTS of individual lepidopterists, especially Europeans, will find
portions of this that they disagree with (especially the concept that there
are only 5 families of butterflies, INCLUDING skippers). Nonetheless, this
is the most recent attempt at an authoritative world classification I can


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