Postman Butterfly

Pierre A Plauzoles ae779 at
Tue Dec 28 11:51:33 EST 1999

Scott Mcphee wrote:

> Thanks for the help guys. I wish I could post the photo, but I do not have a
> scanner.

Oh well.  On the other hand, if you do post it, don't post it here: instead,
post it on the <> newsgroup with a hotlink to it
here on this newsgroup.  Otherwise, you risk getting flamed bigtime.  The
problem isn't really your posting of the image, but rather the recipients' email
boxes getting filled with graphics files that take up a lot of space and the
fact that some people still get billed for incoming email by the byte.  Although
I cannot accept the practice as honest on the part of Internet providers
(neither can I accept the idea of someone getting flamed for trying to help
someone else), that is nevertheless the way things happen sometimes.

> A further question: A Blue Morpho was common around Monteverde. Is there
> more than one species that look similar in the area? Does anyone know the
> species name of the Morpho in that area?
> Also, I appreciate your new website. I have found it useful.
> Thank you ,
> Scott
> (regretting becoming interested in Entomology _after_ a visit to the
> tropics!)
> Heliconius wrote in message
> <5ZY94.751$9e3.37714 at>...
> >Scott,
> >
> >The 'Postman' is also called a 'Longwing'. Genus Heliconius. There are
> >hundreds of species. Can you post your photo? Their larval foodplant is
> >Passiflora (Passion Vine).
> >
> >- Clark
> >
> >
> >Scott Mcphee <hyphae at> wrote in message
> >news:OLIcTNNU$GA.352 at cpmsnbbsa03...
> >> While in Costa Rica this spring I took some pictures of a butterfly with
> >the
> >> common name of Postman.  Can anyone provide me with the scientific name
> >for
> >> this butterfly?
> >>
> >> Thank you,
> >>
> >> Scott
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >

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