Grizzly bears and moths

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at
Thu Feb 4 09:26:41 EST 1999

Dr. Karolis Bagdonis, from the Dept of Biology, Sam Houston State
University, Huntsville TX 77341 has reported on this phenomena, from
Wyoming, at different meetings, but I don't know about any publications.

Eric Metzler
Columbus OH

Dr Mark Young, Culterty Field Station wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have been asked by Eric Bolen if I know of actual
> references to the eating of moths by grizzly bears.  He has
> heard that they may find hibernating groups of moths in
> caves and/or under logs etc. and then eat them but neither
> he nor I know of any actual references to this habit.  Can
> anyone help please.  It might be interesting to post the
> answer on the general list but Eric does not subscribe, so
> please can you copy any answer to him at
> "bolene at".
> Thanks very much.
> Mark Young
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