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>I assumed that this was a request for details on building an effective
enclosure for breeding butterflies for release, re-establishing rare
species, or just learning more about their life history.<

I must admit I had the same initial thoughts, in the UK butterfly house
usually implies a big greenhouse full of (exotic) butterflies.

>It wasn't until I saw Anne Kilmer's reply that I realised what you were
talking about. You mean there is a market for that sort of crap in the US?
I'm staggered!<

Be afraid.  Be very afraid!.  They are here in th UK as well  !!!!!  Nice
slatted wood boxes with pictures of butterflies on the outside into which
Small Tortoiseshells (Aglias urticae), Brimstones (Gonepteryx rhamni) and
other hibernating butterflies are supposed to fling themselves with gay
abandon at the first sign of winter.  Available ffom a catalogue near you. 
There are also lacewing houses along the same lines, which are claimed to
have some success.

Personally, I with I'd thought of selling these first, but then with my
lack of woodworking skill it's probably for the best.  Still, there are
always those very effective ultrasonic pest repeller gadgets to market
instead. (not!).




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