February butterflies in Central Texas

Mike Canzoneri mjc at eden.com
Tue Feb 9 19:00:15 EST 1999

Add to this list a female Papilio polyxenes (Eastern Black Swallowtail)
ovipositing on bronze fennel today and a female Battus philenor (Pipevine
Swallowtail) trying to get at the Aristolochia in my screened-in patio.
I've never seen that kind of activity this early in the year here in Texas.

Mike Canzoneri wrote:

> Well, it's the first week of February and so far in the last week or two
> I've seen the following in my backyard in Austin, TX:

** I really wouldn't mind a tiger or a lion  **
** But you can take your plain old cat.      **
** And all your kitty litter                 **
** And cans of chopped liver                 **
** And throw 'em in a gunny sack.            **
** I hate cats.                              **
**                                           **
** Harry Waller - from "I Hate Cats"         **

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