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Wed Feb 17 07:11:16 EST 1999

Hi Nigel,

No need to start another run of to-and-fro emails which will probably 
lead nowhere.  I've said my piece, based on the request for papered 
specimens in quantity, and the replies from the artist clarified that he 
is looking for dead or discarded farmed specimens.  (Which should 
clarify his "intentions", had it been mentioned earlier)

I've seen art collages before, in a Malaysian hotel, where there must be 
at least a 1000 Rajah Brooke's Birdwing (Trogonoptera brookiana 
albescens) within the frame.  If using farmed specimens for such an art 
piece is justified, then I rest my case.  But not to jump to conclusions 
about the type of artwork that LADD123 does, I'm sure even he won't 
support such a type of wasteful artwork.  (And from what I see on his 
webpages, he's not into that type of artwork)


Butterflies of Singapore : 

>> I am looking for a supplier of papered butterfly specimens that I can
>order in
>> quantity for artwork.
>I was interested to see replies from both sides of the arguement from 
>Khew and Americo Bonkewitzz.
>I'm sure the rights or wrongs of this will run & run, however, 
>art did pose an interesting question for me back in the late 1970's - 
>the rest of the world & especially Black Africa imposed a trade ban on
>exports to SA,  it was no surprise to see sanction busting encouraged 
>the South African goverment. But what did surprise me was when a
>sister-in-law in South Africa sent me a couple of butterfly wing 
>produced locally..... and all of the species were easily identified by 
>as coming from west Africa! This is of course not intented to be a
>political message, but rather who could ever say that the pictures were
>compiled of wings from natural deaths? (As claimed on the back of my
>pictures...the species were mainly Charaxes which are easily trapped) 
>wild captures?
>Nigel Venters

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