Border Patrol run-ins

Mary H. Shepherd mhs2 at
Thu Jun 24 23:11:22 EDT 1999

I was traveling in SE Arizona last fall with 3 other butterfliers.  We were
driving along slowly and stopping to walk unfenced, non posted areas along a
dirt road with binoculars and nets in hand.  We were approached by three
different area residents within a half to 3/4 hour period and asked what we
were doing.  We explained ourselves and each time the locals went on their way
apparently satisfied we weren't a problem.  Within a half hour of the last
encounter, we were literally chased down (approached from the rear at great
speed down a graded dirt road in the middle of nowhere in open country) by two
Chevy Suburbans containing 8 border patrol agents wearing bullet proof vests.
They slowed significantly as they passed us and stared down into our car.
They then did a U turn in the road and came back to talk to us.  We explained
ourselves displaying our nets, binoculars and field guides.  The agents told
us they had received a call from the Sheriff to check out some suspicious
activity that had been reported by the local residents.  The agents appeared
embarrassed and frankly disappointed as they bid us a good day.    Mary

Mark Walker wrote:

> My experiences near the U.S./Mexico border haven't been quite as severe as
> what Pierre is describing, but I must say that I've had a number of armed
> U.S. Immigration (Border Patrol) officers stop me.  After seeing that I am
> not smuggling anything, I have been given strong warnings (for my safety)
> about even being in the vicinity.
> I've been stopped in California and several times in Texas, but not yet in
> Arizona.
> Mark Walker
> Mission Viejo, CA
> Pierre Plauzoles wrote:
> >
> > "Ronald D. Holland" wrote:
> > >
> > > Can anyone tell me what permits are required and where I
> > can get them for
> > > collecting (primarily Coleoptera) in Coronado National
> > Forest (Madera
> > > Canyon, Pena Blanca, Cave Creek Canyon, etc)?  The last
> > time I was in the
> > > area, permits were not required.  Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Be careful around Coronado National Monument: the rangers around there
> > have had considerable trouble with poacjers and drug-runners.
> >  Tell them
> > ahead of time what yoiu are doing; that *should* work, but I wouldn't
> > put my life on the line over it.  I know a couple researchers who were
> > quite boldly harrassed by both NPS and FWS personbnel who were firmly
> > convionced that they were the only ones who could legally be
> > in the area
> > (the road between Canelo and Hereford).  With friends like that, who
> > needs enemies?
> >

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