[ukmoths] Light traps.

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> I am deciding which, light trap to buy. out of two I wonder if
anybody could
> comment maybe on the better one.Rigid portable trap, lightweight
> design. 12" actinic tube or the Heath with the 9" actic tube. I am
> on these or maybe make one. As I have been given some instructions
from a
> few sources. but they all run about the same price.
> Ceri. Jones.
> Barry Vale of Glamorgan.
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Hi Ceri

For next to nought (if you have the hardboard) you could build a
Skinner trap, a very simple design.  Add on to that about 42UKP for a
MV kit from somewhere like ALS and you're up and running.

The plans for the Skinner trap are in Atropos somewhere or I can email
them to you.  I decided to build the said trap and go for the cheap
option of 12" actinic bulb but when all was said and done it would've
been just as cheap to buy an MV kit.



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