b-fly releases at events

Anthony Cynor acynor at fullerton.edu
Thu Sep 23 10:08:22 EDT 1999

Hey Mike,  Do you know anyone in this newsgroup lucky enough to own a black
helicopter?   Actually a beamship would be much preferable.


Mike Soukup wrote:

> I like how liberal propagandists always try to make us look silly....by
> calling us "black helicopter theorists".
> If one would actually taker the time to study one's history, one would
> quickly discover that GOVERNMENTS have killed 100 times as many people
> than us "individuals" have.
> Find me one government that isn't a cesspool of deciet, lies, propaganda
> and corruption (Tony Blair....yeah right....and 'ol lyin' Bill is as
> pure as the driven-in snow).
> For you to NOT be a "black helicopter theorist" - as you put it, you
> must live in a fantasy world that ignores yhe last 2000 years of
> humanhistory.
> Oh, I forgot...we're civilized now.  It can't happen HERE.
> Please read "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".  Then, wake up
> and look around you.
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