Roger Kuhlman

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Tue Sep 28 15:27:45 EDT 1999

I sympathsize with your predicament. I believe the list administrator is
Lawrence Gall - lawrence.gall at .  Only 2 other options come to mind:
one, simply delete the messages without reading them and two, consult your
attorney.  Having been flamed the odd time by overly emotional folks I can
appreciate the aggravation you are experiencing.  If you are able to find
another or other ways of dealing with this, plse keep in mind sharing this
with me for future reference in case I develop a distasteful fan club or
even consider posting it on lepsl so that we can all learn from this. Good
luck !!

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> Sent: 	Tuesday, September 28, 1999 11:36 AM
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> Subject: 	Roger Kuhlman
> To the list administrator,
> I have asked Roger Kuhlman repeatedly to stop sending me private hate
> messages.  I told him that I would be happy to have discussions with him
> in a cordial way without personal attacks.  But, he has continued to send
> defaming messages to me on my private e-mail.  Already 2 messages have
> come in today.  Is there anything the administrator can do to control him
> or remove him from the list if he continues?  I have sent him a message
> stating that if he continues I will post his personal attacks on me to the
> list.  But, I don't want to "infect" the list with this type of behavior
> so I am seeking any other method.  Please advise.
> Sincerely,
> Jacob

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