H. armigera migration in Europe

P. Stadel Nielsen fdki_ at post2.tele.dk
Tue Sep 28 16:23:55 EDT 1999

Hi all leppers i Europe.
At the moment, we have the largest immigration of Heliothis armigera
in Denmark ever recorded. So far about 20 specimens have been found,
mainly on sugar ropes and in the southern part of the country. They
suddenly appeared on September 25th and they are still found. Several
vere females full of eggs.
Has this species appeared in unusual high numbers in North-vestern
Europe, as Northern France, Southern England, Holland or Belgium? From
the weather maps, it is quite clear that they come from this
direction, but could they have come even from the States like D.
We also had a huge immigration of Scinia scutosa from the Black Sea
area reaching Denmark in the period of September 6-12, and a few are
still found here. If you are interested in following migrations and
other findings in Denmark and Sweden, you should have a look at our
report page 

Per Stadel Nielsen
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