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The reason why I refrained from posting Rogers recent e-mails to me was to
not continue to spread that type of language over the list.  If you don't
believe me, please e-mail me privately and I will send you the messages I
got from Roger in complete and then you can decide for yourself what my
motives are.

As far as your accusations of me being an "anti-conservationist," I find
this rather strange.  I am sorry if I have offended you our any one on this
list, but I don't know what I have ever done to you (I don't even know you,
nor you me) to receive that unsolicited title.  

I believe whole heardetly in science and making solid conclusions based on
fact and I love butterflies.  I am usually not quick to react to alarmist
statements and therefore may come across as being one who does not espouse
some of the common threads of conservation.  But nevertheless, I don't
believe I have earned your quick accusations as to my character.

I do not apologize for my own opinions.  I try to support them with facts. 
But, I don't go around making accusations and false labels on those who
disagree with me.  I would appreciate being treated only in the same manner
in which I treat others.

Yes, I am new to this list, but I am rather surprised at the hatred being
shown to those who have differing views.  Have I made any personal attacks
or accusations to you or any other person on this list?  If this is a
private club, then please excuse me and I will exit the list.  But, if this
list is composed of people who want to learn about lepidoptera and keep
open minds to the truth, then please count me in.

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