cocaine feeders

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Tue Apr 11 00:30:05 EDT 2000

Anne Kilmer wrote:
> And thereto, I have a tale.
> My great grandfather, Frederick Barnett Kilmer, head chemist of Johnson
> and Johnson around the turn of the century and for a good many years,
> had a lovely and ditzy wife and a wonderful cook.
> The wife (or perhaps the cook) devised a delicious recipe for a coca
> leaf-flavored candy. People raved about it (as you might imagine).
> The company now known as Coca Cola bought the recipe from her and found
> that it did not transfer well to enormous batches of candy.
> It did, however, make a fine flavored beverage that helped the happy
> housewife get through her day and greet her husband warmly when he came
> home.

Umm, got that recipe?  Feel like sharing it?  

> These were the days of Lydia Pinkham's Female Remedy (mostly alcohol),
> Brown Mixture for coughs (opium) Mother Beeton's Soothing Syrup for
> fractious tots (also opium) ... relaxation was available despite
> Prohibition. Ah, but the government takes care of us.
> As for the coca leaf, like marijuana, like the poppy, as it came from
> God it was a fine and useful substance, good for what ails you.
> I cannot imagine any governmental body sparing either plant because an
> insect feeds on it.  Gotta keep us safe from ourselves ;-)
> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida

For our lack of self-control, others will pay.

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