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Paul. M. Sammut pasammut at vol.net.mt
Tue Apr 11 09:25:52 EDT 2000

Hi All,

	While re-organizing the database of my collection I have noticed that I
have many names with author and or date missing. Would be grateful if
anybody can supply the missing part to the following species.

Phalanta phalanta luzonica Fruhstorfer [date]
Phalanta alcippe alcesta Corbet [date]
Cirrochroa orissa C.& R.Felder [date]
Cupha arias dapartana Grose-Smith [date]
Cupha erymanthis lotis Sulzer [date]
Vindula erota chersonesia Pendlebury [date]
Vindula arsinoe ada Butler [date]
Vindula arsinoe clodia Godman & salvin [date]
Vindula sapor sapor Godman & salvin [date]
Vindula sapor obscura Ribbe [date]
Vindula dejone erotella Btler [date]
Vagrans egista propinqua Miskin [date]
Vagrans egista sinha Kollar [date]
Vindula egista macromalayana [author & date]
Terinos terpander roberstia Butler [date]
terinos atlita teuthrea Hewitson [date]
Rhinopalpa polynice stratonice Felder [date]
Rhinopalpa polynice eudoxia Guerin [date]
Paduca fasciata palloris Fruhstorfer [date]
Euptoieta claudia hortensia [author & date]
Argyreus hyperbius taprobana Moore [date]

Thanks to ALL

Paul sammut

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