Regal Fritillary, Extinct in Mass

NewtChris newtchris at
Fri Aug 18 00:54:08 EDT 2000

I recently heard that the Regal Fritillary has just been removed from the Mass.
endangered species list.  Saddly due to extinction in the area.

I have been unable to find any pictures of this butterfly and any details as to
why it has dwindled to extinction or why it has been usuccessfully raised in
captivity.  I remember raising Great Spangled Fritillaries as a kid.  I assume
they are different species, but come to think of it, I haven't seen any Great
Spangles around either.  Is there a dwindling of this family in general?

Would love to hear any information about these developments from anyone who
knows any details. I'd esp like to find a photo of the Regal Fritillary. I
can't seem to find any in the field guides I currently own.


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