Urticatious caterpillar found in the Everglades

DR. JAMES ADAMS JADAMS at em.daltonstate.edu
Fri Feb 4 09:47:11 EST 2000

Dear Jean,

> Does anyone know a possible identity of a caterpillar with very
> urticant hairs found in Everglades National Park feeding on White
> Mangrove leaves (Laguncularia racemosa). Its coloration is dull black
> with a few white hairs. 

Hylesia spp. are *not* found within Florida (sorry, O.G.!)

If the caterpillar was extremely hairy, I would say megalopygid 
(probably Lagoa pyxidifera).  However, I can't tell from your 
description if it is *hairy* black, with a few white hairs thrown in, or 
*naked* black, with just a few white hairs.  How large a caterpillar 
are we talking about here?  One other reasonable possibility would 
be some kind of arctiid (Tiger) moth.


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