A translation of Jose Garcia's letter

Citheronia at aol.com Citheronia at aol.com
Thu Jun 22 13:26:44 EDT 2000

For all of you who don't speak Spanish, but speak English, I translated 
Jose's letter for you. Hopefully I didn't make any mistakes....

Randy Lyttle

Jose Garcia's letter:

I want to warn everyone who is interested in the purchase of tropical 
Lepidoptera (especially Ornithoptera and Troides), that an individual named 
DAVID MARCO STEM of Barcelona has sent by mail to all the members of SHILAP 
an attractive list of species for sale. This person is, in fact, A THIEF, who 
demands payment prior to shipment, and soon disappears, sending empty 
packages without reimbursement.

If anyone has received his list, and is negotiating with this scoundrel, 
don't send money unless you wish to be swindled. 

I hope this message prevents some swindling, although in Spain I am certain 
that several people have already been affected.

Jose Garcia

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