There are releases and releases

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In 1968 I was in the 4th grade, and we raised Japanese silkworm moths.  I
was given the task of babysitting them after they pupated.  It didn't occur
to me at the time that a lidless, unsupervised cardboard box full of cocoons
was a bad idea.  I came home after school to find silk moths mating all over
my room.  I found eggs all over my clothes and curtains.  A few escaped.
The world hasn't been the same since.

Mark Walker.
at Whiskey Pete's, Jean, NV

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> Ken raised an interesting historical question. Were there butterfly 
> releases in 1973.  I'm sure this list represents people of 
> very diverse 
> ages and very diverse localities and elementary schooling. We can 
> identify our own experiences both regarding whether we raised and/or 
> released butterflies in school and when we heard of butterfly 
> releases 
> at social events. 
> I'll start. 
> I graduated high school in 1957.  We did have a junior 
> Audubon Society 
> in 4th grade (birds only) and a school botanical garden, but 
> no raising 
> of butterflies.  We did dissect frogs in 10th grade biology. 
> 	I never heard of a butterfly release here in NJ until about 
> 1990.  
> Mike Gochfeld

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