Scientific Name : Grammia vs. Apantesis

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Thanks for the clarification.  I also know many Eulotype were switched to
Psadypha.  The only reason that I know this is because of Don Lafontaines
note following the identification of an image of rolandi.

Is there an errata or supplement to the Checklist of Lepidoptera of America
North of Mexico (Hodges et al., 1983)?  I realize that the MONA fascicles
will detail any changes, but the quick checklist guide is very handy for
verification of spellings, authors, dates, and classification.  Being that
it is nearly 20 years old and much new work has emerged, possibly a list of
changes and additions is available??

Kurt Jacobs

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> _Apantesis_ (1855) is an older name, not a newer one than _Grammia_
> (1866). See the following paper:
> Ferguson, Douglas C., 1985. 'Contributions toward reclassification of the
> world genera of the tribe Arctiini, Part 1 -- Introduction and a revision
> of the _Neoarctia-Grammia_ group (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae; Arctiinae).
> Entomography 3:181-275.
> The following quotes from that paper are relevant:
> "Diagnosis. _Grammia_ is a mainly nearctic genus of about 30 species,
> two of which, _qenseli_...and _turbans_..., also occur in the Palearctic
> Region. It is the largest genus of Arctiidae in North America. _Grammia_,
> _Notarctia_, and _Apantesis_ form a group of three essentially American
> genera..."
> "Included species. I include in the genus _Grammia_ all of the species
> under _Apantesis_ from number 8172 (_quenseli_) to 8199 (_arge_) in the
> _Check List of the Lepidoptera of America North of Mexico_ (Franclemont,
> 1983:117) with the exception of 8181 (_proxima_), which I tgransfer to
> _Notarctia_. Also included are two new species which I describe below."
> The checklist referred to is the MONA checklist, Hodges et al. Both
> _parthenice_ and _virguncula_ occur within the range of numbers listed.
> Ken Philip
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