Pyrgus centaureae wyandot.

Mark Walker MWalker at
Sat May 13 21:46:08 EDT 2000

Randy Emmitt wrote:

> collections! I certainly hope this kind of over collecting 
> did not happen in the
> 90s or is still going on.

Yep - overcollecting happens each time you drive your car up into the
backroads of NC to take your pictures.  It also happens every time they
bulldoze another empty lot that is paid for by your contributions to
McDonalds, Sears, Chevron, and Blockbuster Video.  More decimations occur on
account of the 100s of pounds of waste products that you create each year.
Then there are all of the chemical byproducts that you endorse each day.
Your yard is undoubtedly some creatures prior habitat, and the electricity
that is powering your computer isn't all too friendly either.

Sorry, but if you have a problem killing bugs with big showy and pretty
wings - then that's your business.  Please don't lay guilt trips on other
people -  especially those who are actively monitoring populations and
making that data available to others.  It's non-selective killing that
eliminates our Lep friends.  And we're all part of the problem.

Taking pictures is honorable.  Personally, I choose to kill them and mount
them in drawers.

Mark Walker
back from NV

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