Larval requirments for pupation in soils

Dylan Lloyd dylansteven at
Wed May 24 16:39:42 EDT 2000

I am shortly going to start work determining the substrate requirements of a
species of moth in the UK (Lycia zonaria britannica). This species lives on
coastal dune systems and pupates in the soil. I am interested if any members
have experience of working on the nature of soils in which larva chose to
pupate. Especially how they measured such factors as soil compaction, humic
content, moisture etc.

I hope to set up a series of choice chambers with quantified variables and
allow the larvae to select their preferred substrate. This aims to provide a
more accurate description of the substrate required by the larvae and will
then input to site management.

Does anyone have any ideas or experience of working on unrelated taxa
involved in substrate selection? I am interested to hear about the factors
which dominate in the choice of site.

Dylan Lloyd.

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