Don't put the cart (light) before the (horse) concrete.

Sunsol SUNSOL at
Wed Nov 1 22:13:37 EST 2000

>     If one shut off all the lights in the most lit (and therefore most
> polluted)
> areas there would be no "return-of-the-moths." Where would they return
> from -- the concrete? The factory? The housing development? The twelve
> Interstate? The drained wetland? From under your car? From inside your
> (interesting how no one is giving up their home for environmental
> reclamation.) If I have not made my point by now it can not be made.

What about the astronomers? Less light pollution would make it easier for
them to study the stars. Less light pollution would mean less energy was
being used. If everyone used smaller bulbs, or turned off the lights more,
maybe we could keep a power plant from being built.



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