[LEPS-L:7907] Re: Misinformation?

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Fri Nov 17 17:00:46 EST 2000

    Misinformation exists where data (be it true or false) is knowingly and
purposefully put forth to deceive -- the cheese on the mouse trap. Thus, the
accuracy or inaccuracy of the information is not central. There is no
problem with the cheese. It is the connecting of the cheese to the trap that
creates the misinformation. Misinformation requires a premeditated
fallacious assimilation of data to put forth a purposefully deceptive
conclusion. Therefore, an individual who engages in this is malicious and
criminal. Mr. Jones asks us to believe that Mr. Cherubini is such a heinous
    The mouse that bites the cheese dies from the trap not the cheese. Yet,
it is the careful positioning of the cheese (truth) on the trap that blinds
the mouse to its own death. It is an arrogant person (or dead mouse) indeed
who is so wise is his own conceits to know that all he has embraced (and
thus regurgitates) is void of informational distortions, misapplications, or

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> > Paul, and several others, are very good =
> > at getting a lot of info in a small space.
> > * I am not so gifted.*
> > Thus, =
> > what I see, is simply format mandated brevity not premeditated =
> > misinformation.
> So you don't believe Mr Cherubini posts misinformation.
> If that is the case could I interest you in a few shares in the Brooklyn
> Bridge? :-)
> People ask me why I reply to Mr. Cherubini when it is so blindingly
> obvious that he is misleading people. Well there is one born
> every minute.
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