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    I have only used the AltaVista translator once and it pretty much
translated everything we highlighted, including advertisements, buttons,
etc. The translation of the Spanish into English was fairly good also. My
understanding is that the AltaVista software is way above that which is
available on other browsers. Naturally, these translations are not intended
to be technically correct grammar. They are simply to help the blind have
some idea of what is presented and how to use the site --  e.g. what is this
button telling me to do.

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> I wouldn't trust that if I were you.  I speak Spanish fluenty, and was a
> Spanish teacher.  Students were caught using this for papers and
> assignments, because the translations come with some horrible horrible
> mistakes.  Sometimes the translations don't even make any sense.  It works
> great if you want to translate a word or two, but is not effective for
> entire documents, or sometimes even sentences.
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> To Bob and all,
> Since I'm on a roll today, I thought I'd mention that the AltaVista
> search engine has a translation function that really works. I did not know
> about this until about an two hours ago when my son came over and found me
> trying to work Kelvin's Dominican butterflies web site. He just pulled it
up in
> AltaVista, opened the web site there, hit the translate Spanish to English
> button and Boom. He said he does not know of another search engine which
> offers such a variable translator. (My son is a professional computer
> person.)
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