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Fri Oct 27 22:53:29 EDT 2000

I have been away a while relocating to Kentucky. When I last saw a posting on 
Lep-L, the discussion was over some name for some gray noctuid in England. I 
agree giving a species the "correct name." Nothing changes except the 
species! However, there is a whole new breed of "Lepidopterists" (Watchers) 
which no longer believes that scientific names have any meaning. Instead they 
use common names, AND, they have a committee to keep those names straight! 

My favorite: THE MINI-STREAK! They claim that it is a small hairstreak found 
in the Florida Keys. I thought it was a hold over to the 1970's when midgets 
got into streaking! Now comes "Gillett's Checkerspot." I have a great one 
liner, but who cares!


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