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>by Jules H. Poirier:
>>Two polar-opposite views are put forward to explain the order in the
>>universe: the "chance" theory and the "design" theory of creation.

Evolution is the design theory; design processes go through much the same
sort of evolutionary changes as biological evolution proposes.

Special creation is the chance theory.  Like chance, it is completely

>14.Describe one insect that was transitional between a non-flying
>insect and a flying insect.

Here are two:

_Testajapyx thomasi_.  It is described in Kukalova-Peck, 1986,
Can. J. Zool. 65: 2327-2345.

_Taeniopteryx burksi_.  You can read about it in Marden, Feb. 1995,
"Flying lessons from a flightless insect," Natural History, 4-8.

>and I'll add a follow-up:
>From what creatures did butterflies evolve?

Probably something a lot like a trichopteran.
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