Scanning moths or other insects

Ian Thirlwell iant at
Thu Sep 21 12:07:26 EDT 2000

It sounds as if you are scanning straight to a jpg file. I'd suggest
creating a bmp file from the scan then edit in the text as required (in
Photoshop this will create layers I believe) & convert to jpg when
Contents of the text would presumably be the same as would appear on a
collection label, plus the species name if this is normally separate.


"Charles Bird" <cbird at> wrote in message
news: at
>..snip I
> use Adobe Photoshop 5.5. It adjusts the image OK but will not allow me
> add text to a .jpg image, instead insisting that I use Photoshop
> formatting. One further question: what should be in the text line
> name, place of collection, date of collection, collector?).

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