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Also, in regard to the "rumor".  I would think that if 20-some plates were missing,
there would be alot more "gaps" in the species. (ie, there would be alot of
"common" stuff left out that was on the plates with the "stuff not included that
must be rare because I don't catch too many things that aren't in there").  Now, I
can only vouch for Eastern US coverage....but it has most of the species Covell
covers.  And, it  also has quite a few Western Species that I have only seen in
    I have about 10 copies of the book in various editions (I can't help
myself....if I see one, I buy it!)  Of these 2 are paperback.  The reproduction
definitely suffered with every new edition.  But, with the exception of's still about the only thing out there for Arctiids and Notos...
"Stanley A. Gorodenski" wrote:
> It is interesting that Holland's Butterfly Book does not seem to suffer
> from the same poor plate reproductions in its numerous printings as the
> Moth Book does.  The plates in my book, which I am certain I bought new
> around 1960 although the copyright dates are way before my time, are
> nice and clear.  I notices on the page that gives all the copyrights
> that in 1931 29 new plates were added (to the Butterfly Book).  This is
> pretty close to the rumor of 28 for the Moth Book.  I wonder if the
> person who started the rumor got the two books mixed up.
> Stan
> Leptraps at wrote:
> >
> > I was given a 1906 edition of The Moth Book when I was 13 years old. It was
> > like new. (Not the case now, it looks like a 1906 book) The plates are still
> > very clear and bright. I came across another 1906 copy in a book store in
> > Tupelo, Mississippi in 1996. It was like new as well, and a bargain at
> > $25.00. The plates are excellent.
> >
> > I have two copies of the Dover edition, compared to the plates in the 1906
> > edition, they (Dover) look almost blurred.
> >
> > I do not know if there is any truth, nor do I wish to start a rumor, but many
> > years ago, I heard that there were 28 addition plates that were never
> > included in the original printing. Has anyone else know of this or is it just
> > a rumor.
> >
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