Photos of urban monarch overwintering sites in California

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Thu Jan 11 14:12:36 EST 2001

One of the interesting viewpoints I see on this list is the one that seems
to be expressed here: Environmental change = Environmental degradation,
especially if humans had anything to do with it.
I think of this viewpoint as that of preservationists, those that view
change as mostly bad. I'm not a preservationist. I see all change as
having positive and negative aspects and that it's inevitable.
As a kid in San Lorenzo in the 60's Sky West Golf Course was open land
where wild wheat(?) was harvested each Spring and the land was then
plowed.....certainly not a natural state even then. We collected Monarch
caterpillars on Milkweed patches in the Summer along with various butterflies.
Now the same land is a Winter sanctuary for Monarchs. Is this a good
or a bad change? Some would say bad simply because it's a change. One
could come up with all sorts of pluses and minuses. I see it simply as
a change.
Chuck Vaughn <aa6g at>
> I once visited California. While there I saw a Cabbage White nectaring on a
> Dandelion in the shade of an Eucalyptus Tree at the edge of a golf course.
> (Will scan and post photos shortly.)And at that very instant, I knew that
> that crazy Cherubini guy was right all along. Such a sight was absolute
> proof positive that there has never been any environmental degradation or
> loss of biodiversity anywhere in California or in all of North America for
> that matter. It was so obvious I don't know why didn't I see it before...
> NOT. ;-) Mike Quinn
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