The Urban Butterfly

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Further, let's remember that Oxford was a religious bastion. Many
beginnings have been forsaken. What end will the new paths lead to?
Principles and honor are not exclusively religious things. Locked doors are
the result of honorless societies. That's why we lock them.  Ron
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> Neil wrote:
> > This is why, I believe, the founding fathers of your country
> > decided to
> > keep religion out of schools.
> You'd better check your history facts again, my friend.  At the time of
> American Revolution, virtually EVERY institute of higher learning was in
> fact a religious institution.  Primary education was mostly performed in
> home (certainly this was true for the affluent founding fathers), and as
> as I can tell the founding fathers went out of their way to ENSURE the
> continued right to worship in the home.  I'm privileged to report that
> right still exists - for now, at least.
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