Stanley A. Gorodenski stanlep at
Tue Jan 23 21:22:40 EST 2001

I think you have opened a can of worms.  Probably it would be best
(unless the group wants to go into this all over again) to obtain some
back issues of the News 2-4 years back.  There were some real good
writeups on both sides of this issue that members had contributed.
William Engell wrote:
> As someone who is new to this site, and has been watching the "Re:the
> extremists/ be careful" discussion, several questions come to mind.
> How many collectors are there?
> Why do they collect?
> What portion of collectors are involved with scientific activity?
> What effect does collecting have on populations?
> How vigorous is anti-collecting activity?
> Are there any cogent arguments against collecting?
> I am utterly new to this particular debate.  I'm a binocular type, myself,
> having come at butterflies by way of botany.  Would anyone do me the favor
> of giving some background on the general situation?  Thanks.
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