Population control

DR. JAMES ADAMS JADAMS at em.daltonstate.edu
Thu Jan 25 09:40:12 EST 2001

Stan's message prompted me to send my one politically oriented
message of the year:
        All Stan says about human population's impact on the world
around us is correct.  I have always held that there is one
underlying problem in the world today that is basically responsible
for most of the others -- human overpopulation of the world.  And to
hear that one of George W.'s first acts after getting into office was
to reinstigate the ban on sending family planning aid to those
countries that use the some of the funds for abortion just makes
me sick.  I don't care what your views are on abortion -- I know it is
a hot topic.  But if you don't get *any* aid sent to these countries,
with an attempt to educate and provide alternative methods of birth
control, you simply end up with *more* people unable to fend for
themselves and *more* abortions.  Makes me ill . . .
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