Butterfly? please help

Tink nospam at home.com
Fri Jan 26 01:03:56 EST 2001

I don't know if i am posting to the right place or what... anyways...
So, this butterfly flew into my place yesterday evening and was flying
around the kitchen light, eventually settling on a wall.. which is cool,
except i was worried my cat would eat it. so i gently took it outside. it
was strange tho, i thought it would fly away, but it was content to just
walk all over my hands and arms. well i kept placing my hand into onto a
plant where it eventually walked off my hand to the moss on top of the soil
in the plant pot. i diluted some honey and soaked a tiny piece of paper
towel and place it next to where it was sitting (in case it was hungry)...
it just kinda camped there. all nite in fact, it was there the next morning.
i thought it was gonna rain today tho (and it sure did, it poured all day,
local flooding and hail, high winds..., btw, i live in the SF bay area), so
before i went to work, i put a patio chair over the pot, just enough to
prevent it from getting wet, but more then enough room to fly away. but when
i got home from work, it was still there, tho it had climbed up onto one of
the branches. well the weather is still gonna be wild tonite and it's really
cold and the news said it might get below freezing. so i clipped the branch
it was sitting on and brought the butterfly inside and put it on my bonsai
plant and placed it in the bathroom. now it has been flying around the
bathroom light a bit...
okay, so my question is... what should i do with this creature? i have no
idea. but it isn't flying away. and well, it's really cold outside..
thanks for any information.
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