Overpopulation v. Willful Stupidity

Stanley A. Gorodenski stanlep at extremezone.com
Sun Jan 28 18:12:35 EST 2001

> Then there's the antibiotic resistant stuff we're getting back, from
> countries which sell the antibiotics in the drugstores to anyone that
> wants it.
This is not the only source of the problem of resistent bacteria.  In
1996 the FDA approved the use of fluoroquinolines in chickens and
turkeys, even though there was strong opposition from the Center for
Disease Control.  Subsequently, fluoroquinoline resistance quickly
appeared  in Campylobacter isolated from chickens, and by 1999 17.6% of
C. jejuni  and 30% of C. coli isolated from human patients showed
fluoroquinoline resistance.  Based on this kind of evidence, the FDA's
Center for Veterinary Medicine proposed on October 31st last year to
withdraw the approval of fluoroquinolines for animal use.  Bayer
Corporation is not agreement with this, and is in court to continue its
marketing practice.
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