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Ernest Williams ewilliam at hamilton.edu
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Lep folks,
FYI, at its annual meeting last summer, the Lep Soc passed a motion:
"that a committee be formed to draft a position statement on the
rules and guidelines by which taxonomic decisions are made and to
examine the possibility of developing a list of scientific names for
North American butterflies."
>Dear Wanda,
>     As I said this is a can of worms. Are you saying there was some kind of
>power struggle in Lep. Soc. some time ago the rest of us do not know about?
>You have brought up Opler and Robbins (of the Smithsonian), two pretty
>imposing figures on the American leps scene - and "others".  Who are the
>others? Can you tell us who?
>     It sounds like you are implying that they wanted to implement some kind
>of taxonomic policy from the Lep Soc roost and when they could not prevail
>that they went their own way somehow? Surely you are not saying that. Opler
>is a past Lep. Soc. president and Robbins is the current President for
>Pete's sake.
>     If something was on some board meeting docket and it got shot down, can
>you tell us why it got shot down? And, what exactly is the "it" (plan?)
>that got shot down?
>     There is one thing in your post that does strike me as way off. You
>said that Lep Soc "... would not even take the responsibility to come up
>with a list of BFs -- in any way, shape or form..."  Then what do you call
>the Lep Soc dos Passos list, the Lep Soc Miller/Brown list, and Lep Soc
>Ferris list? And even the adopted Hodges MONA list -- chopped liver?
>     Since you do not see Lep Soc as = to AOU, do you see NABA or USGS or
>USFW as = to AOU?
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>>  Ron Gatrelle wrote:
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>>  > Dear Fred,
>>  >     This may or may not be a can of opened worms. No, it is absolutely
>a can of huge worms. So here goes. The following is not my idea - it is
>what  I have been told by some who do both birds and butterflies. The
>Lepidopterists' Society is to NABA, USGS etc. as the Ornithological Union
>>  > is to the Audubon Society.
>>  Dear Ron,
>>  The basic premise you were told is a complete fallacy.   It could not
>>  be further from the truth!  LepSoc would not even take the
>>  responsibility to come up with a list of BFs -- in any way, shape or
>>  form....   That is why Opler, Robbins and others were trying to set up
>>  something similar to the AOU, but got shot down....
>>  Cheers, Wanda
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