The expression, "Dead Butterflies"

Sunsol SUNSOL at
Sun Jun 10 09:09:26 EDT 2001

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> Excellent point. Excellent point. Excellent point. Now lets look in the
> mirror of it and see what is reflected back. Specimen is an unoffensive
> word

Well, some might think it is a euphemism.

> TIME IN.  Let's get real. There are those who really want to use the word

Well, lets see, if the butterflies are dead, is it an accident, like road
kill? Is it natural causes, like a virus? For a dead butterfly in a
collection, not likely. They were killed. For a human, that would be murder.
Perhaps you are reacting to the factual word "dead" because you are feeling
a bit guilty about causality.

> One more point to close my case. Do the people who have taken to using the
> term "dead butterflies" rather than "spread or mounted specimens" think
> anyone is so dumb that in looking at the pictures one might mistake them
> being alive?

I do think beginners can be confused.

> Ron

> PS  Many terms in life are more accurate. We don't use them however, as
> they are also inflammatory or derogatory.

For example?



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