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Thu Jun 14 22:27:17 EDT 2001

I tried really hard to stay out of the NABA bashing/anti-bashing thread, 
but only one or two people took up my cognitivity thread (for which 
discussion much thanks). 

I have made many friends (still unseen) and probably a few enemies 
(mostly, fortunately unknown).  I can't say that it pains me or even 
irks me, but it troubles me to have so much mis-information about NABA 
disseminated, and I can't let long time friend, Fred Heath, take all the 
heath in this thread. 

As a life member of both NABA and the Lepidopterist Society I have 
enjoyed the publications of both. I also served as the first elected 
president of the NABA-North Jersey chapter, a baton fortunately passed 
on long ago. 

Someone said "Until I see changes in the position statements on the web 
site I shall remain most skeptical and take the statements at face 
value. They have done too much damage already."

Well realizing that most people don't have time to check a web site, I 
checked out   (It must have taken real pull to get such an 
appropriate address). 

So here is some of the text. Maybe these represent a change in position 
statements, but I don't think so.  

                    " The North American Butterfly Association, Inc. 
(NABA), a non-profit organization, was formed in 1992. NABA's
mission is to increase public enjoyment and conservation of 
butterflies. "

That is the stated purpose; not particularly damaging. 

 The paragraph continues. 

"NABA focuses on the joys of non-consumptive, recreational butterflying 
including listing, gardening, observation, photography, rearing and 
conservation. "

It strikes me as pretty diverse, but some will be put off by the 
non-consumptive language.  But that is a focus, not a position. 

"Membership in NABA is open to all those   who share our purpose."  

To my mind that means that if one shares the mission of increasing 
public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies, then being a NABA 
member is a good thing.  

The choice of word  "focus" in conjunction with non-consumptive is very 
important.  And it is also very clear that nothing is said about 
opposing consumptive activities.  It just isn't a focus. 

"The present officers are President:
                     Jeffrey Glassberg; Vice-President: Ann Swengel;
                     Secretary/Treasurer: Jane V. Scott; Directors: 	
		Brian Cassie, Fred Heath, Paul Opler, Steven Prchal, 
Robert Robbins, Jim Springer, Patricia Sutton, Guy Tudor and the
                     above listed officers."

 Now Jeff Glassberg has gotten a lot of heath in recent weeks, but 
NABA's board of directors includes a number of names (Opler, Robbins) 
that will be familiar as lepidopterists who have certainly swung a net 
in their time.  Even world famous bird artist, Guy Tudor, who strongly 
opposes tampering with the natural world, has been known to encourage a 
"swish" to verify a troublesome identification.  

I'm going to stop here and wait for the response before adding 
additional material from the web page which will solidify the point that 
Fred and I and others have been making, i.e. that NABA is an excellent 
organization the purpose of which largely coincides with that of many 
lepidopterists. No organization is all things to all people.   MORE TO 

Mike Gochfeld


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