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Paul Cherubini Wrote:

Hank, your leader at NABA, Mr. Glassberg is not 
content to let everyone
be free to pursue their enjoyment of butterflies.  He 
is going on a
radio talk show tomorrow to blast butterfly breeders 
and releasers. He continues
to contact the press to get them to write frightening 
articles about 
butterfly breeders and releasers: An article appeared 
just 2 days ago in the 
Washington Times which states: "NABA has declared war 
on the practice 
[butterfly releases]  Below are parts of that article:

Butterfly Protectors Try To Bar Profitable Flights  
*****************SNIPE (SNIP)**************


I personally feel, as a populations biologist that
release may have an effect on the gene pool and and
should be used intelligently (which it is not!).  This
is probaly the main issue, at least as far as
scientists are concerned. I have had a fear of some
"animal right's activists" for many years.  We
obviously have to make "kills" in the name of science.
Ecologicaly, I see a use for managed hunting and
harvesting of populations. However, wanto destruction
and "pain" of lesser creatures has know place in a
civilized society.

We obviously have to control pests, but biodiversity
has  certainly been affected. I grew up in a suburban
atmosphere and many common species of birds, herpes,
and bugs are not now found in the backyard.

Bob Parcelles, Jr.
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Bob Parcelles, Jr
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