Rolling Blackout demonstration for energy conservation-June 21

Hank & Priscilla Brodkin hankb at
Thu Jun 21 23:42:06 EDT 2001

Paul Cherubini wrote:

> To me a 7-10 pm "Blackout" means the electricity goes off for 3 hours
> and people crash at intersections, fall down illumnated stairways, the elderly
> die of heat exhaustion without air conditioning and that sort of thing.
> Perhaps I was conditioned to take NABA's life threatening activism seriously
> based on its past actions.. For example, for the past two years NABA has
> protested the Malathion spraying over New York City on its website
> - spraying that potentially has saved many human lives.
Paul -
Do you really have a problem or do you just like making waves?
The rolling blackout idea has nothing to do with NABA - any more than
your insane ravings have anything do with biology.

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